Brian Bethke Releases CD

Michael Bushman, photos by OJ Hornung |

Osseo acoustic pop-folkster Brian Bethke has recently released The Glass Album, a collection of songs written by the artist, but sometimes accented by drummer Derek Biederman and bass player Jacob Ulwelling. Bethke has worked his way up from the occasional gig to full-time performer, making the rounds through the Midwest. Vocally, Bethke has a distinct wail and moan that does well to convey the sincerity of motivation and inspiration, and with his slightly higher range, might illicit a comparison to pop act Placebo. While most songs on The Glass Album fall into the singer/songwriter mold, there is genuine emotion portrayed and enough less-traveled paths taken to warrant a listen and separates Bethke from the (over-populated) herd of acoustic backed storytellers. Check out The Brian Bethke Band (and support the artist if the music moves you) at, Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, and Best Buy.