Reader Letters

Reader Letters | July 31, 2008

    For the past month I have been following the articles and responses, some of which my father wrote, about the High Five Jesus. Having grown up Catholic, I have deep understanding of the statue’s significance, but I also recall my seventh grade English teacher at St. Pat’s, Mr.Garrity, making a particular comment, “The Big Guy has a sense of humor.”
    I’ll admit that my own views of religion have wavered back and forth from highly intense to practically non-existent at times. Personally, I did find the original comments rather funny. It reminded me of a time that I walked into Sacred Heart Church (where the statue is located) after a wedding a few years ago. The sanctuary was beautifully decorated with all sorts of flowers and other religious ornaments. While waiting for Father to hear my confession, I noticed these black candle holders up on the altar in the midst of everything. My father once told me that they used to put those candle holders around the coffin at a Requiem (funeral mass when it was still in Latin). That’s humorous, at least in my mind, that they would use those holders at a wedding. I wondered if anyone else noticed.
    Even within a theistic mindset, there is still room for existential thought, as each of us do create and apply our own personal meaning to various objects, whether they are abstract, or made of stone. If you are a Christian, there are two things in life that need to be remembered. The first thing: “Preach the Gospel, and if you find it necessary use words,” as St. Francis of Assisi once said. Secondly, and most importantly, The Big Guy does have a sense of humor!
     High five, Jesus.
– Douglas M. Warns

    Just had to drop you guys a quick note. My young childhood was during the ’70s (please don’t do the math and figure out I am not 29) and the Jolly Troll (“Thanks for Asking,” July 3 issue) is a very fond memory. My parents still contend that my first words were Jolly Troll.
    Thanks for the reminder of a simpler time – all the mashed potatoes a small girl could eat....
– Lori K.