WSJ steals local grad's video game time

Charlotte Pike

If you’re like me, you’re a recent college graduate spending countless hours searching for any job that could pay your bills and make use of that several thousand dollar piece of paper that says you hold a degree. If you’re like Carter Franz, you’re doing those things, but you get to blog about it for the Wall Street Journal.

Franz is a Chippewa Falls native and graduate from UW-Madison with a degree in civil engineering and a laundry list of awards and accomplishments. His most recent achievement is his position as one of seven students chosen from around the country to contribute to the blog, Hire Education, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal.

Franz and his fellow bloggers post about job hunting, interviewing, and the self-actualization that occurs in a state of post-collegiate uncertainty. He offers tips, advice, and stories about his own experiences, including mistakes that can help us lesser-achievers save face. If nothing else, the blog is a simple reminder that we are not alone in our desperate struggle to show the working world what we’ve got to offer. Read his posts specifically right here.

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