1st Place: Caryville hauntings
2nd Place: East Hill elephant
3rd Place: Uniroyal Suspension Bridge ghost

Caryville not only boasts spooks such as Mary Dean, Blackie the shadowy demon, and hellhounds that roam the cemetery and lake, but also a haunted school house and church that reside across the street from one another. Another legend dares those brave enough to peer into the river when crossing the bridge into Caryville to see it they can see headlights in its depths. Back in the day, a circus elephant was struck by lightning during a performance, and its bones were buried on the East Hill (sans feet, which were sent to New York – apparently they’re a delicacy). People have reported crossing the old Uniroyal Suspension Bridge in Boyd Park and having a sense that someone, or something, is there with them.  – Bailey Berg

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