1st Place: Marie’s Original Bakery
2nd Place: Great Harvest
3rd Place: Dessert First

Marie’s Original Bakery reminds you of how food is supposed to taste. Chocolate croissants may be the scrumptious favorites, but squeezing caramelized poetry out of something as understated as a pinwheel is the kind of talent that keeps people coming back for more, even in a poor economy. Despite the varied selection, it is hard not to pick a favorite from Great Harvest and stick with it. Whether picking up a round loaf of flavorful goodness for dinner or sweet scones for breakfast, regulars know that if they are picking them up at the farmers market they have to get there early because they go fast. Dessert First also has a devoted following. Thankfully, people can now get their fix at the Meat and Cheese Shop (2424 Seymour Road) or in Benny HaHa’s (204 S. Barstow St.). Now the only question is:  Red Velvet or Chocolate Indulgence? – Betty Rae Matthews

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