1st Place: Chippewa Valley Museum
2nd Place: Paul Bunyan Logging Camp
3rd Place: Cook-Rutledge Museum
The Chippewa Valley Museum wins for the third year in a row. Visit Sunnyview School, the ice cream parlor, Kate Aitkens’ awesome dollhouse, and remember, when attending the old-fashion Fourth of July, CAKEWALK! Nestled next door to the museum in Carson Park is Paul Bunyan’s Logging Camp, which resembles an 1890s logging camp (you know, cook shanty and all). Rumor has it (as of this moment) if you kiss the Babe the Blue Ox statue, it’s like kissing the Blarney Stone. Finally, be sure to tour the Cook-Rutledge Mansion, which looks like a grownup dollhouse. What a gorgeous entryway! Can I live there? – Rob Reid

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