Justin Vernon announces new Volcano Choir album

Thom Fountain

Man, what a morning for Eau Claire music. First, we've got that new Laarks record to listen to and now Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has announced a new record for his collaborative project Volcano Choir.

The new album, which was recorded in Fall Creek at April Base, will be released Sept. 3 and is called Repave. It'll follow the 2009 Volcano Choir record Unmap, which was Vernon's first collaboration with Milwaukee post-rock band Collections of Colonies of Bees. The release will lead right into new tour dates for Volcano Choir, including stops in Madison (Sept. 27), Milwaukee (Sept. 28), and Minneapolis (Oct. 18).

Along with the announcement is a trailer (below) that features the first sampling of music off Repave, with a sound that seems cleaner and larger than the debut Volcano Choir album. The trailer has resounding vocals and complex, interweaving guitar and keyboard work (which is nothing new for Collections of Colonies of Bees).

It's been a busy spring leading to a busy summer for Vernon, who just released the national debut for The Shouting Matches last month and has announced a number of festival dates with the blues-rock trio.

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