Local songster S. Carey releases new single, album on the way

Thom Fountain

I really don't want to mention Bon Iver in this post. I mean, I guess I just did — so there goes that — but it's really about time that we all start recognizing Sean Carey's talent as Sean Carey.

Hopefully, this new release will  help people do just that. "Hoyas" is being released by Jagjaguwar on May 8 and one track is already available for listen (See below). The record started as a collaboration between Carey and fellow Eau Claire musician Ben Lester — who has played in the S. Carey band.

Judging by "Two Angles" this record will definitely be a departure from Carey's 2010 debut "All We Grow", but it has a similar feel with sparse, yet interesting instrumentation — though this time it's a bit glimmery at points.

You'll be able to pick up the 12" of "Hoyas" at The Local Store when it's released.

Listen to "Two Angles" by S. Carey

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