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Eau Claire Borders to become a “Books-a-Million”

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by Mike Paulus

Goodbye Borders, hello BAM!?
Goodbye Borders, hello BAM!?

Big thanks to the observant and well-named reader “cosmicbandito” who noticed this bit of news about Eau Claire’s Borders bookstore – originally posted as a Shout! on our site.

Looks like Eau Claire's soon-to-be-gone Borders is soon-to-become a “Books-a-Million.” From consumer news site The Consumerist:

The 14 stores (click for a biggie).
The 14 stores.
(Click for a biggie.)
Loyal customers of some Borders stores in the Northeast and Midwest, rejoice: you may not have to go long without a book superstore once Borders closes. According to bankruptcy court documents filed yesterday, Alabama-based chain Books-A-Million has agreed to take over the leases for 14 Borders outlets, mostly in the Northeast. A previous proposal for BAM (best store acronym ever) to take over 30 Borders leases fell through.

More about Books-a-Million (or BAM!) here and here. While there is some discrepancy amongst sources, it would appear that with the departure of Borders, BAM has become the nation’s second largest bookseller. So it looks like we can basically expect another Borders – a very similar operation to begin with, and BAM seems to have absorbed much of Border's assets.

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