Record Stores Revealed

Trevor Kupfer

Here's a tiny taste of a story we're working on ...

  • Perhaps it follows similar resurgences of retro T-shirts and Puma sneakers, or the fact that you can get them for spare change at thrift sales. Whatever the reason, the so-called “dead format” of vinyl records have made a comeback in a big way, and everyone is responding – from major labels and artists to baby boomers looking to make a buck from their dusty collections.
  • On the local level, Eau Claire has seen two used record stores start up recently, both of which immediately reported great responses to their openings.
  • “It has been unbelievable,” Billy Siegel said a mere week after opening Revival Records.
  • Previous to this, local audiophiles had to scour thrift stores, garage sales, the internet, and rare stores like Eclectica on Grand to get their hands on some precious vinyl.
  • But now they can finger through about 6,000 LPs at Revival Records (most of the owner’s collection), and another 400 or so at LongPlayReplay (also the owner’s collection). Both of them also buy used records…

We’ll have the whole scoop(s) on both vinyl stores on the October 29 issue of Volume One. Sit tight …

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