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One More Song! One More Song!

a part-time wedding DJ considers - and reconsiders - hanging up the microphone

This wedding dance was supposed to end almost an hour ago, but nobody wants to go home. As the DJ, however, I have to wonder how many encores are too many. The bride and groom instructed me to end the evening, back at midnight, with ...

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You Can Get Married At UWEC?

if you so choose, UW-Eau Claire can facilitate your wedding

In the past 15 years, I’ve had many people pop that big $300 question: “Will you be in my wedding?” Because I’m a sucker for small gifts commemorating me wearing a tux, I’ve always said, “Yeah, is there an open bar?”

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Looking Ahead: 2015

What will the next year have in store for the Chippewa Valley?

There’s a lot in store for the Chippewa Valley in 2015. Everything from intense, multi-faceted city development projects all over the Valley to new stuff from your favorite local authors and musicians, 2015’s got it. It’s certainly an exciting ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Jan. 7, 2015

Here we are – a new year. Always exciting stuff. As I look at the months ahead from a community standpoint, I can’t help but wonder: Could 2015 be a tipping point for downtown Eau Claire and the broader community? Last year was certainly ...

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The Rear End

Prediction Infliction

an uneducated guess at what we’ll be talking about in 2015

Well, here you are. Reading this at a time when most people love to look back over the past year, quietly reflecting on what has come to pass. The highs. The lows. The halfway-between-high-and-lows. It’s a time for introspection. A time to plum ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 7, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by Ruth Lundblad

“The birch tree in the piece is a familiar sight in our beautiful area and is the natural canvas reflecting all of the spectrum of light in the woods. Birch can be painted so many ways and is almost never white. The glowing technique used ..."

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Opening Shots

Some Jazz for the Record

in the face of live-only jazz, ’58 Belvedere records

Venture out of your house on any given weeknight and there’s a fair chance you’ll stumble upon some live jazz being performed around Eau Claire. The Plus and Shanghai Bistro harbor some of the Chippewa Valley’s most creative minds ...

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Telling Tales with Tunes

chamber orchestra to debut work at family-oriented show

“Five Fairy Tales,” Opus 127, composed by Ivar Lunde, music director and conductor of the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, will make its world premiere at the orchestra’s annual free family concert, “ECCO Tells the Tale,” on Saturday, Jan. 24 ...

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Drinking in the Laughs

CVTG comedy takes nostalgic look at 1950s

If you are looking for a cure for cabin fever, consider attending the comedy Over the Tavern at the Grand Theatre in Eau Claire to get you out and about and laughing.

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Mystery Trip

ECCT offers adaptation of acclaimed young-adult novel Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons, the Newberry Award-winning novel by Sharon Creech, is a classic taught in schools across the country. This season is a great time to revisit the story – or to experience it for the first time – as the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre ...

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King of the One-Liner

Steven Wright brings the funny – one sentence at a time

A cliché tenet of comedy is making jokes that are relatable. Oftentimes a comic will go on stage and grumble about day jobs, childhood nostalgia, or the differences between men and women because relatability triggers a laughter response ...

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Date Like a Ninja

local author’s date ideas oughta spice things up

Ninjas might not be as debonair as Cary Grant or as suave as James Bond – although, like 007, they too are usually clad in black. Ninjas’ proclivity to wield fists of fury and samurai swords might negate any air of gallantry ...

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Visual Art

Art from the Ashes

the incendiary artwork of Eau Claire’s Eric Lee

When he’s not making gorgeous custom snare drums for local musicians via Oliver Snare Drums, Eric Lee is in his studio painting, building, destroying and lighting stuff on fire. We asked the multi-faceted artist about his inspiration ...

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Local Lit

Winter Nights

When November comes / And the wood is in / The garden put to bed / And the supper dishes done / Evenings are for reading aloud.

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Local Look

A Bike for the Masses

Is Eau Claire ready for a bikeshare program?

Imagine this: You’d like to check out a new restaurant on your lunch break but it’s just a little too far to walk. Or you want to take a quick pedal to the park but left your bike at home. Or you don’t have access to a reliable car but need ...

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Chippewa Valley Museum Nabs New Director

The Chippewa Valley Museum has written a new chapter of its own history: The institution has a new executive director, Julie Bunke, who took over on Jan. 5, replacing the retiring Susan McLeod. Bunke has 18 years of experience in museums ...

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You Can Help Shape EC's Comprehensive Plan

Since last fall, an advisory committee has been hard at work updating the city of Eau Claire’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan – a virtual bible of community planning – is rewritten every decade or so, so the decisions made by community members ...

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Food / Drink

Lazy Monk's New Home?

if all goes according to plan, the brewery will move into old Charlson building

When the Charlsons announced that they were selling their property on the corner of West Madison Street and Oxford Avenue in downtown Eau Claire, Theresa Frank’s ears perked up ...

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Kid Culture

Telling Tales with Tunes

chamber orchestra to debut work at family-oriented show

“Five Fairy Tales,” Opus 127, composed by Ivar Lunde, music director and conductor of the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, will make its world premiere at the orchestra’s annual free family concert, “ECCO Tells the Tale,” on Saturday, Jan. 24 ...

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Winter Wonderland Returns

Winter After Hours an antidote to the snowy season blues

There’s nothing to do in Eau Claire during the winter, right? WRONG. While that’s a common opinion when trying to stay warm during our extended snowy season, folks of the Chippewa Valley can venture out one night a week for Winter After Hours ...

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