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Tue. May. 1st, 2018

4 Local Sunrise Spots That'll Take Your Breath Away

Pan Thao, photos by Shane Newman, Tina Ecker

Rise and shine, folks! The Valley is packed with adventures, and you’ll want to start yours early with something beautiful and easy to catch. You know what they say, the early bird gets an incredible view of the sunrise.

Wed. Apr. 18th, 2018

Footbridge Getting Grand Remodel

Emilee Wentland, photos by Tina Ecker

Downtown Eau Claire’s Grand Avenue footbridge is closed to pedestrians and undergoing a makeover. The city of Eau Claire’s engineering department is collaborating with Ayres Associates to replace the bridge deck and to add a safety railing, more overlooks, and lights ...

Thu. Mar. 23rd, 2017

Opening Shot | March 22, 2017

photos by Tina Ecker

ALL THE WAY TO CITY HALL. This glass ceiling – an original fixture – can be found in Eau Claire’s City Hall (203 S. Farwell St.). Renovations will begin this year to the building’s exterior.

Thu. Feb. 11th, 2016

Opening Shot | February 10, 2016

photos by Tina Ecker

HIGH AND LONESOME. A recent shot of the High Bridge in Eau Claire on a chilly night. The new-ish pedestrian bridge has continued to be a popular spot for walkers and sightseers throughout winter.

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Wed. Dec. 23rd, 2015

Locals Look to Light Up Phoenix Park Bridge

Tom Giffey, photos by Tina Ecker

The new year could bring beautiful new lighting to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Chippewa River from Phoenix Park. Downtown Eau Claire Inc. and the Eau Claire Noon Rotary Club are working together ...

Spooky Eau Claire Vibes

Thu. Oct. 29th, 2015

Local photographer and paranormal investigator Tina Ecker was kind enough to share some of her favorite spooky photos from around Eau Claire. They may not expose any supernatural oddities, but they certainly showcase some of the area's natural beauty ...

The Daily Shakedown

Wed. Sep. 23rd, 2015

Take a Look: Water Street Bridge Demolition

Mike Paulus, photos by Tina Ecker

Eau Claire photographer Tina Ecker was out and about this week when she snapped some shots of this demolition crew in their nutty-looking space suits, cutting apart the old Water Street bridge to make way for its replacement.

Tue. Mar. 31st, 2015

Opening Shot | April 1, 2015

Tina Ecker

The city has begun work repairing and converting the “High Bridge” over the Chippewa River into part of Eau Claire’s trail system. Sometime this summer, the formerly unused railroad bridge will connect the city’s west side to the downtown area.