Issue #350 Jan. 24, 2018

Starting Something New

Seeking the perfect wedding location? Here are some of the Valley’s newest venues.

Tom Giffey

The Chippewa Valley has no shortage of venues for your special day, from scenic parks where you can begin your married life surrounded by natural beauty to hotel ballrooms where you can wine and dine like stars ...

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Issue #297 January 13, 2016

Asking the Wedding Experts

talking to local photographers, florists, and more about all the crazy weddings they’ve attended

photos by Randy Lee

“I saw a bride’s wedding dress nearly get pooped on by her bare-bottomed toddler. I didn’t know the child was about to poop and ended up with a picture of the moment.”

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Issue #349 Jan. 10, 2018

Winning Formula

low-profile networking firm grows, buys former college

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In a region sometimes dubbed “Wisconsin’s Silicon Valley,” WIN has been inconspicuous for most of its nearly 20-year history. Tucked away inside Banbury Place, the networking and IT services ...

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Issue #347 Dec. 13, 2017

Red Letter Roundup

up-and-coming women-owned businesses

Cassandra Kyser

Twice a year, the Red Letter Grant is awarded to female entrepreneurs right here in the Chippewa Valley. Becca Cooke, owner of Red’s Mercantile, 224 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire, started the grant to encourage women to pursue ...

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