Music Quick Hits | Nov. 27, 2014

some super short updates on the Chippewa Valley music scene

V1 Staff, photos by Tom Pellatt, Luong Huynh

Meridene at The MouseTrap

Local indie-pop stalwarts  Meridene  are in the process of recording a new full-length,  the first truly new album since their yearlong hiatus (June’s Put The Fear Of God In Our Crew, a mixture of new stuff and reworked old stuff, notwithstanding). The band recently took to April Base to start recording about 12 tracks and they’re hoping to have the album out sometime next year.

Speaking of April Base, genre-bending reggae all-stars  Irie Sol  took to the studio to record  as well, but that’s really all we know. From their Facebook page: “Big Respect and infinite gratitude to Justin Vernon for his kindness and generosity to us while recording in his studio … and all of you for supporting our music. Can’t wait to share the new tunes with you. One Love!”

Adelyn Rose at the House of Rock.
Adelyn Rose at the House of Rock

Folk-rockers  Adelyn Rose were featured  on NPR’s “Songs We Love” blog  earlier this month featuring their track “Perhaps” – a single they released this summer – and blogger Daoud Tyler-Ameen said some really nice things: “As she moves through phases of sleeping and waking, pacing and dozing, the arrangement shifts its weight around her. A moment of lucidity – ‘I need to learn to be alone’ – is challenged by the arrival of motor-like percussion, pulling her along, deepening the daydream, conjuring warmth and weight where there should be cold and empty space.”

Season 2 of the  Sue Orfield show  is being taped this winter/spring  in front of a live studio audience at Fanny Hill. The show launched Nov. 20 with guests the Evergreen Grass Band and continues all way through September featuring guest musical acts such as The Jaggernauts and Michael Perry and the Long Beds. For more ticket info, visit

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