What Does the World Think?

we took to BeerAdvocate.com to find out how our local brews are viewed internationally

V1 Staff

Lucette Ride Again
Lucette's Ride Again

It’s easy to see that the Chippewa Valley and our surrounding Wisconsin regions make great beer, but we wanted to know what everyone else is saying about us. So we went to the international beer review site BeerAdvocate.com, where normal folks from around the world post their reviews and ratings of beer.

We found the best rated beer from each of a handful of local brewers, on a 100-point scale and found out that we do pretty dang well. Anything rated about 75 on the site is deemed a solid ‘Good’ and anything about 85 is ‘Very Good’. This is just the head of the pint glass too. Many of these breweries had multiple beers in the mid- or high-80s, showing that not only are we excellent – we’re consistent.


Lazy Monk Dark Lager


Lucette Ride Again | “Quite an impressive APA from a small brewery, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Lucette. I can see Lucette making waves in the Midwest craft beer scene someday.”


Rush River Uber Alt | “A tasty Altbier which definitely leans more on the fruity side of the style. ABV is well hidden and the flavour profile is robust.”


Northwoods Floppin' Croppy


Angry Minnow Rye IPA


Leinenkugel's Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout | “One of the better imperials I have had, even better on tap. Smooth and creamy mouthfeel, improves with warmth. Very nice and to be appreciated.”


Valkyrie Big Swede

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