New Single Sees the Light

Thom Fountain

Local prolific singer-songwriter Brian Bethke has always done things on his own, self releasing a number of records over the his career. But with his newest release he takes that to a whole new level. The Light, a new single from Bethke will be released digitally and on a custom, hand-made 8” record. The 33RPM release comes with its own RCA Victor needle so you can spin it to your heart’s content, and you’ll want to. The single is an uplifting, lyrically deep song that pairs a simple guitar structure with Bethke’s floating melodies and harmony. The Light is also b-sided with Bethke’s own twangy version of the classic “Amazing Grace.” There’s only a few physical copies of The Light available (with each one made to order) and you can order them or download the digital album at

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