Armed Forces Mural Appears on Hastings

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Several years ago Isabelle Bauer had a dream to expand her business, Northern Safari Army Navy (a store that sells military related items such as knives, clothes, etc.); that dream has now become reality. After moving into a larger commercial space at 1518 S. Hastings Way, Bauer immediately got to work contacting the UW-Eau Claire Art Department and explained her plans to paint a mural on the side of her building. She has since been working closely with Megan Vlietsra, an art student at UW-Eau Claire. “I just wanted something to thank the troops because without their help none of this would have been possible,” Bauer stated.

The mural depicts five military personnel, each representing a different branch of the military, standing in front of the American flag. While the original plan differed slightly, which included an eagle in the background as well as an all-male military cast, the end result stayed relatively similar. While it isn’t finished yet, Bauer is satisfied with the work done so far, stating that the finished mural will have some new additions. Between the mural and expanding her store, Bauer can definitely be sure she’ll have her hands full.

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