Amateur Love Rereleases

Scott Morfitt

When Justin Vernon’s Chigliak reissues Amateur Love’s “It’s All Aquatic” on May 22nd, fans will have a chance to hear, quite simply, a great album – one that many bands who play here today claim as an influence. On top of that, listeners can hear early music from some great musicians who have come into their own on a national stage separately (in bands like Megafaun, Laarks and Peter Wolf Crier). Personally though, I hope that the release of “It’s All Aquatic” is the start of something larger. That is all to say I am really excited to get my hands on this album and maybe the ‘Bon Iver Bump’ will continue to spread some love to other Eau Claire groups. The album will be released on vinyl only, but includes a digital download and additional tracks.

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