More Erotic Tales from Local Writer J.A. Finisterre

Lindsey Quinnies

If you know anything about his fist novel, Cocksmith at the Helm, you know that Julian Augustus Finisterre isn’t an ordinary author. Finisterre does the writing, editing, designing, photo collagery, and marketing for all his tales of eroticism. His newest creation, pair a deuces, draws readers in by intellectually expressing his sacred views of the body and sex through his imagination. deuces features two short stories, “You say it’s your birthday?” and “Shorty’s Barbershop,” in which Finisterre indulges the reader with sexual encounters from a first-person perspective (and allegedly inspired by experiences in the Eau Claire area). Even if it may seem a bit racy, his writing is much more than a glorified dirty magazine. The underlying themes relate to a “shadowy explanation of the relationship between men and women … as well as various moral lessons.” pair of deuces is available via Amazon, on a Kindle, as well as The Local Store and Truckers Union.

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