Singer/Songwriter Cait Leary Releases Debut Album

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by Lindsey Matysik

Minneapolis resident with local ties Cait Leary just released her debut album, Just Let Me Have Tonight, which she recently recorded in La Crosse. Leary, who graduated from UWEC in 2010, got her start performing in Eau Claire coffee shops. She’s a self-taught guitarist native to  Minneapolis. Leary reminisced on her time at UWEC recently saying, “Everyone hates [the hill], but it’s the coolest part of campus. Flat is boring.” Leary applies this same concept to her music. Her tracks are anything but flat and boring. Nor do they even stick to one distinct sound. The quirky songstress weaves between folk, pop-rock, and blues intermittently. She has a soulful voice that grabs attention immediately, and her guitar parts are at times complex while still easy to like. Hopefully Leary, who says she really loves Eau Claire and tries to come back as often as she can, will grace us with a performance in the near future. In the meantime, experience her stuff on ReverbNation, Facebook, and YouTube.

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