Found Footage Festival

the fifth touring celebration of the weirdest video tapes ever made

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by Tyler Griggs

You WILL attend the Found Footage Festival.
You WILL attend the Found Footage Festival.
FFF Vol. 5
FFF Vol. 5

When UW-Eau Claire college buddies Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher served up an eclectic lineup of out-of-touch instructional videos, community television tapes, and other obscure audio-visual candy for live audiences, little did they know their video project would have them tour the country several times over and release a DVD series. And what with a prominent role in the cult hero documentary Winnebago Man, a recurring segment on The Onion’s A.V. Club website, and the Found Footage Festival: Volume 5 now available the world over, Joe and Nick are seeing more success than ever. Presenting two shows April 28, this is the Chippewa Valley’s yearly tradition for hilariously awful discovered videos in what the Onion calls it “Skull-crushingly funny.” To prepare or sate your appetite for the fest, check out for a library of video clips across all their DVDs and access to their webstore, but all Found Footage Festival DVDs, including Winnebago Man are available at the Local Store as well. This show is certain to sell out, so get your tickets in advance. VHS may be dead, but its gaudiest lives on at the Downtown Cinema complete with hypno-seduction tips, ventriloquist training videos, and at long last, house cats riding motorcycles.

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