Ron White

everyman comedian breaks State Theatre record

Bailey Berg

When news broke that comedian Ron White was coming to the State Theatre on March 25, the show sold out in six hours, breaking the venue’s all-time record and causing them to add a second show. If you’re one of the few unfamiliar with White, he’s a Texas-born comedian who appeals to the everyman sense of humor. Known for storytelling that would make your grandma blush, White calls it as he sees it, detailing stories about drunken family Christmases, the married life, and bowel movements. Always seen with a fat cigar and a tumbler of scotch in hand, White started his career alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy as an original member of the “Blue Collar Comedy” group. He has since distanced himself from the proud rednecks, creating his own signature act that has sold millions of CDs and DVDs, spawned a book that placed on best-seller lists, and snagged two Grammy nominations.

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