Pedals Palooza!

a celebration of bassist Eric Thompson’s gagillion bands

Heidi Kraemer

Half the rhythm section for seemingly half of all local bands.

    Six bands. Three days. One local dude. Spanning at least three musical styles, the upcoming music festival (of sorts) at The Mousetrap showcases the versatility and knowledge of local bassist and Brickhouse Music honcho Eric Thompson. Better known as “Pedals,” Eric currently plays in six bands, five of which will play in this three-day span. When asked how he feels about switching styles so quickly, Pedals was not worried. “It’s easier actually. You can focus on each style and I like playing all of them. I can get my kicks off in each band.” Thursday features jam band extraordinaires The Excellent Adventure and Snifter, an experimental psychedelic trio. The Eau Claire Blues All-Stars and alt indie sensation Jim Pullman Band fill the bill on Friday. That leaves Saturday to Pedals’ newest band, the bluesy Dead Dogs, and the only performer not related to Thompson, Charlie Parr. “The guy really is just an incredible musician,” said Bill Hamilton, of Excellent Adventure and All-Stars, “and he’s really humble about it – you know, the quiet bass player in the corner – but the dude is in the top bands of different genres and it really speaks to his playing. … He comes strapped.” And did we mention that there’s a small possibility of a special appearance by yet another of Pedals’ bands? If we’re lucky, we might just spot The Shorn on Dec. 11.

    Pedals Palooza! • Dec. 10-12 • The Mousetrap, 311 S Barstow St., Eau Claire • 10pm • FREE • ages 21+ • 832-8418 •

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