Spotlighting the Art Makers

Regional Arts Center puts art on stage with liveART 2

Bailey Berg, photos by Jesse Johnson

Local artist Paula Gorski displays a gross misunderstanding of gift wrapping her art.

If you stayed at home during the last presidential debate in fall, you missed an incredibly unique visual art event. But, thankfully, you can stop feeling guilty now that The State Theatre has decided to give it another go. liveART consists of about 20 visual artists, each of whom will take the stage and over the course of five hours will be confined to their own personal eight-by-eight-foot “art studio,” and challenged to create their own unique piece of art. Throughout the evening, each will ply their trade – whether that be metalsmithing, painting, beading, quilt work, print, collages, pastels, pottery, blown and stained glass, or found object sculptures – in front of a live audience. Attendees can walk amongst the art, watching the process behind each piece that will be sold in a silent auction format, meaning that one can bid on a work of art before it has even been fully completed, and not only purchase a finished piece of art, but get to experience its actual creation. All proceeds will go directly toward the renovation of the State Theatre’s gallery. The event also features a children’s corner in the lobby, where children not only can take part in making a communal art piece – which will be hung in the State Theatre for the following year – but also get to make a piece to bring home as well.

    liveART 2 • September 25 • State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. • 5-10pm • FREE • all ages •

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