Will Chippewa Falls Be the First Local City With Pedal Pubs?

Brian Sheridan

A pedal pub in Minneapolis. Image: Sarah Stierch
A pedal pub in Minneapolis. Image: Sarah Stierch

The conversation continues to drive forward as Chippewa Falls’ Public Safety Committee talks more about allowing pedal pubs – or “party bikes” – in the city.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to catch one of these things in action around Milwaukee or Madison, a pedal pub is like a bar on wheels that can carry as many as 16 people – and the people riding on it can pedal it to bars around the city. In some cases, the bike itself is outfitted with bartender.

Dawn Bye, owner of Bye the Willow, wants one and proposed the idea to the committee. She told WQOW she thinks it would be a good idea for Chippewa Falls.

"Seeing the development that is going on in Chippewa, and just the feel of increase in tourism, I think Chippewa is on the mark to be a destination place," Bye told WQOW. "I think that this is a unique idea that could help get those people here."

Her idea for the bike would not allow alcohol to be consumed on it and would be something more family friendly that utilized park routes, according to a Leader-Telegram article. But the idea of an alcohol-friendly route that stopped at three or four bars over a two-hour period is still being considered.

The committee talked about it Tuesday night this week, but nothing has been officially decided since they’re still divided on the matter. Council members did agree that an ordinance will probably need to be made to regulate the pedal pubs.

Volume One started talking about the legality of pedal pubs a few years ago when Milwaukee’s Pedal Tavern was having some issues. At the moment, their patrons can drink as long as they bring their own beer (no more than three drinks of 12oz or less) and the driver’s BAC stays under .02.

Brian Sheridan 

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