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Northwestern Bank Celebrates 120 Years

Northwestern Bank has been helping local businesses for more than a century

A LOCAL BANK FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES. Northwestern Bank has been a resource for small businesses in northwestern Wisconsin for the past 120 years.

Everyone has heard of community banks in the Chippewa Valley but what really makes a bank part of the community? For some answers, we reached out to Jamie Leibrandt, Market President at Northwestern Bank. Northwestern has been serving northwestern Wisconsin with its headquarters in Chippewa Falls for 120 years!

How has being a part of the Chippewa Falls community impacted Northwestern Bank over the past 120 years?

This area is a great place to grow, and I think Northwestern Bank has been fortunate to be a part of this community. Our bank mission is “Building Stronger Communities, Where People Matter” and we couldn’t have chosen a better place to come together with others and build a future. The bank started out with only three officers back in 1910 and has grown to have multiple branches with nearly 100 employees in the area. As a local, community bank, the values of the people here have shaped our five core bank values: deliver an exceptional experience, shine through service, lead with integrity, create a positive impact, and foster genuine relationships. These are concepts that are important to the bank and the people of Chippewa Falls.


How has Northwestern Bank prioritized giving back to the community?

As a bank, we have always recognized the importance of giving back to the community. Our employees and customers live and work here. Their kids go to school here, they shop here, and build their homes here. Together we have supported and volunteered with many community organizations ranging from Agnes’s Table to Hope Village, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Riverfront Park, the Boys & Girls Club, Junior Achievement, and so many more non-profits and events that enrich the community and make it a great place to be.




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What is the biggest impact that Northwestern Bank has had on local businesses?

From the beginning, Northwestern Bank has been a part of the local business economy providing loans, a secure place for deposits, and a trusted partner for entrepreneurs. Our team enjoys connecting people with the local resources they need to take their business to the next level. Part of the fun of being in community banking is hearing the dreams of local entrepreneurs and then witnessing their dreams come true. Over the last 120 years, our team has seen the legacy that our clients have made in the community – such as Olson’s Ice Cream, Huffcutt Concrete, Bohl & Proulx Plumbing – and so many more all finding success in Chippewa Valley. In the end, it’s not the bank itself that has an impact on local businesses, but all of our employees working together as a team to help people in our community create new opportunities for local families and individuals to make a good life.


How does Northwestern Bank help educate local business start-ups?

Educating people on financial matters is key to ensuring they are able to make an informed decision about their finances. Our team presents at local business conferences and works with professors at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Technical College to share their knowledge. However, it’s really sitting down one-on-one with local business owners and talking through their specific finances where we can have the biggest impact. Whether it is walking them through how to understand their statements and financial opportunities, aligning them with another entrepreneur to collaborate with, or referring them to a community partner program that can help resolve an issue, we are here to connect them with local resources.


How will Northwestern Bank continue to support local business start-ups and non-profits in the future?

As a community bank we exist to volunteer, donate, and invest in the local non-profits and businesses that help make Northwestern Wisconsin a great place to live. Our team is made up of experts in many areas that are trained to provide the financial tools, information, and latest security measures to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs navigate their finances. Our tellers undergo regular training to recognize fraud and know how to connect our customers with people who can help them through tough situations. The Bank President and leadership team are here to ensure security and that we meet our mission – building stronger communities where people matter.


How will Northwestern Bank celebrate 120 years?

Throughout the summer our team will be exemplifying our core values in celebration of 120 years as a community bank. We will be hosting customer appreciation events, employee volunteer opportunities, community ticket giveaways, and giving back through charitable donations. Our summer festivities will culminate with Jazz for a Cause, – our signature community event – which is free for all guests, held at Riverfront Park and features live music, food trucks, and fireworks. This year the event will benefit the Open Door Clinic. We hope to see many community members there. 

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Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

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