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The Best Dining, Events, and More in Chippewa Falls

here’s what our readers say are the best things the town has to offer

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Chippewa Candy Shop, Chippewa Falls.
Chippewa Candy Shop, Chippewa Falls. (Photo by Mariah Hamm)

What would a Best of Chippewa Falls guide be without a list of the best stuff the community has to offer? We’ve combed through our Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll to find the top-tier locations, experiences, and more from Chippewa Falls (and a bit beyond in some cases). In wasn’t hard: Folks across the Valley know that some of the most enjoyable things around are found right in Chippewa Falls. Here’s a peek!


1. Sheeley House Saloon

2. Old Abe’s Supper Club

3. Wissota High Shores

Sheeley House Saloon (236 W. River St.) once again placed first for Best Restaurant in Chippewa Falls. Enjoy the historic 1860s building with a delicious meal from their rotating menu. If you’re a fan of supper clubs, Chippewa County’s Old Abe’s Supper Club (17256 155th Ave., Jim Falls) joined the list this year coming in second. Order a Wisconsin tradition: Friday fish fry and a brandy old-fashioned! Also new to the list this year, finding itself in third place, is Wissota High Shores (17985 Co. Hwy. X). Relax and enjoy the lake view with a cocktail on their patio or nosh on their salad bar.
–Stephanie Nesja


1. Chippewa Candy Shop

2. Josef’s Cheesecake

3. The Nostalgic Bean

When you need something sweet but ice cream just isn’t cutting it, try out one of these places to satisfy that sweet tooth. You can find all the candy your heart desires at the Chippewa Candy Shop (322 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls). The sight of this place alone will make your inner child so happy! Want a creamy dessert that isn’t ice cream? Josef’s Cheesecake Cupcakes (343 E. Park Ave., Chippewa Falls) offers a list of cheesecake and macaron flavors, likely to make you drool. The Nostalgic Bean (1403 Lynn Ave, Altoona) serves French baked goods and pastries all made from scratch. –Sawyer Hoff

Irvine Park Christmas Lights, Chippewa Falls. (Photo by Andrea Paulseth)
Irvine Park Christmas Lights, Chippewa Falls. (Photo by Andrea Paulseth)


1. Irvine Park Christmas Lights

2. Eau Claire Makers’ Market

3. Northern Wisconsin State Fair

The Irvine Park Christmas Lights are a staple in the Chippewa Valley, the event reigning as the winner of the category since 2020, though it’s been a favorite for much longer: 2022 marked its 35th year, and it showcases over 125,000 lights. The Eau Claire Makers’ Market is a first-timer in the category and community, a fast-growing favorite for its indoor and outdoor markets platforming local artists, founded by local artists. Of course, anyone around the Valley knows the Northern Wisconsin State Fair as the can’t-miss event of every summer – with 2023 marking its 125th year – so it’s no surprise it continues to place in the category. –McKenna Scherer


1. Wissota High Shores

2. Old Abe’s Supper Club

3. Jake’s Supper Club

No one understands the importance of a good supper club like a Wisconsinite. Dethroning longtime winner Connell’s Supper Club, Wissota High Shores Supper Club (17985 Cty. Hwy. X, Chippewa Falls) was voted No. 1 this year. With beautiful lake views and even an apartment to stay in, it’s no wonder why people love the spot so much. Old Abe’s Supper Club (17256 155th Ave., Jim Falls) came in second, their “must try’s” nodding to their Surf ’n’ Turf and Prime Rib. In third, Jake’s Supper Club (E5690 County Road D, Menomonie) is a great spot to hang out – especially in the summer when the patio is open!  –Sawyer Hoff

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Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

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