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Mason Companies shares recent retail store renovations

A NEW LOOK. Mason Companies Inc. recently
A NEW LOOK. Mason Companies, Inc. recently completed renovations on their retail store in downtown Chippewa Falls.

Mason Companies, Inc. has a long and important history in the Chippewa Valley since its start nearly 120 years ago. Founded on the strong entrepreneurial qualities instilled by August and Bert Mason, the company acknowledges that as important as one’s history is, being able to change with the times is also a necessity.

This is exhibited throughout the company’s entire history, from its initial shift from the lumbering industry to shoe manufacturing, to the large change from manufacturing to distributing which resulted in a complete company rebrand, Mason’s is consistently moving forward while still acknowledging the importance of where they came from.

“(Former Mason Leadership) had to find a way to continue to be a company and operate when manufacturing was hit by really hard times,” said Pat Scobie, Chairman of Mason’s Board, in a WEAU 13 News video describing Mason’s history. “And the way that they did it was expanded product, they went outside of footwear and started selling other’s shoes and apparel.”

In the spirit of keeping the old while still reaching for the new, Mason Companies recently renovated their long-time retail store, located at 301 N. Bridge St. in Chippewa Falls. The iconic location was purchased by Mason Companies back in the late 1980s and hasn’t had any major renovations until May of last year.

Being the only Mason Companies retail store in the world, this renovation pulled out all the stops. From May to July of 2022, the exterior of the building was completed, including a brand new roof, new landscaping, a new building color, fresh awnings, and all new signage. 

Then after their tent sale, the construction resumed on the interior in September, which updated the color of the outlet area, and new front room branding, as well as adding imagery of the company’s ‘founding fathers’ into the signage and other imagery.

All renovations wrapped up in the store in October 2022, and there’s been nothing but amazing feedback since, says store manager, Erin Copeland.

“(The building) just stands out when you’re driving down the top of the hill now,” Copeland said. “It doesn’t blend in, yet it doesn’t stand out too much where it looks like it doesn’t fit in. The inside is just so much brighter and more welcoming, we’ve heard that a lot.”

Despite all of these changes, Mason Companies is still passionate about staying true to what has made them such a long-standing and iconic business in the Chippewa Valley, which is why they opted to keep the same Mason colors and keeping some of the same accent pieces.

Now you can enjoy the same, well-loved brands at Mason Companies, like Shoe Mall, Stoneberry, Masseys, and more, while feeling the light and comfort that the newly renovated retail store offers.



Retail Store: 301 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls


Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

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Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

Mason Companies, Inc
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