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Heads Up: Dave’s Drive-In Coming to Chippewa Falls

local drive-in diner spot making a return in 2024 under new ownership

Dawson Jollie, photos by Parker Reed |

ROOTING FOR YOU. Dave's Drive-In will be taking over Mary Ann's Root Beer Stand with an expected opening in 2024.

You just can’t beat a good old fashion burger, fries, and root beer combo on a sunny summer day. But add the convenience and nostalgia of a drive-in and hands-down, you’ve got yourself an absolute winner.

After a long period of dormancy, the former Mary Ann’s Root Beer Stand in Chippewa Falls has new ownership, and now it’s officially known as Dave’s Drive-In. You can expect the new owners, Anneliese and Bob Fish, to serve up the American classics we all know and love, including Wisconsinites’ favorite: cheese curds. However, hints are dropping that Dave’s will also be adding a special “Southern flair” to the experience, but we’ll just have to be patient on that one until the beans are spilled.

While preparations are still underway with an anticipated opening date sometime in 2024 – preparations like repaving the concrete around the building, outdoor seating being crafted by Colfax woodworker Josh Harder, raising the foundation, and more – it’s clear that Anneliese and Bob are ecstatic about the new venture. According to Annaliese, the namesake and inspiration for Dave’s comes from her father, who served St. Joseph’s Hospital for over 30 years, and became a pillar for the Chippewa community.

His unexpected passing at the onset of the pandemic sparked a new drive to ensure his efforts are paid forward, and Dave’s Drive-In is part of those efforts.  

“He was an amazing man that instilled so much love for Chippewa Falls in my siblings and me,” Anneliese said. “There really could be no better way to honor his spirit. This is a way to maintain and carry on his legacy of kindness and compassion.”

Having its location so close to her mother’s home too, taking up Mary Ann’s was no less than the perfect opportunity to do just that while keeping their circle close. With ample support already received from the community, the Fish family is determined to make Dave’s Drive-In the heartbeat it once was.

“When we participate on a grander scale, your ripple has the ability to reach individuals you never thought possible,” Anneliese explained. “The opportunities to give back and participate within this community are endless.”

Together alongside fellow businesses in the area, the Fish family hopes to provide a place where locals know they belong to something bigger – a place that really looks and feels like “home.”

Keep your eyes peeled for updates by checking out their Facebook page at

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Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

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