The Whirlybird is Taking Flight

Chippewa Falls coffee shop will launch iced coffee flights Oct. 15

words & photos by Sawyer Hoff |

CAFFEINE FIEND. Whirlybird Coffee Co. will be releasing their coffee flights on Oct. 15.
CAFFEINE FIEND. Whirlybird Coffee Co. will begin offering coffee flights on Oct. 15. Pictured is the classic flight (from left to right): Vanilla Latte, Coldbrew, Caramel Macchiato, and Chai Latte.

Coffee flights are a somewhat recent trend that allows coffee shops to showcase the different coffee drinks they offer, but there are very few places in the Chippewa Valley that include them on their menus. 

Whirlybird Coffee, the new coffee shop inside Dove Healthcare in Chippewa Falls (2829 County Highway I), is officially launching its coffee flights on Oct. 15. 

Whirlybird will offer multiple flights that customers can choose from, including a “classic” flight that will consist of iced chai, caramel macchiato, cold brew, and vanilla latte (the classic can be made dairy-free). They will also serve some of their fall drinks on a fall flight including the Woolly Bear, Back To School, Fox & The Hound, The Li’l Sebastian, and the Ellendale Applefest.

The Fall Flight
The Fall Flight (from left to right): Woolly Bear, Back to School, Fox & Hound, and Ellendale Applefest.

You will be able to choose which iced drinks from their curated menu you want on your flight (unless you’re getting a classic). Each flight equals about two normal-sized coffee drinks, which is enough to try the different drinks without getting your heart rate going a mile a minute. Depending on which drinks are available, the flights will be $11-$13. 

Whirlybird owner Liz Van Aarde said the shop is introducing flights by popular demand, adding that they are a great way for people to try different kinds of coffee drinks to discover their favorites.

To learn more about Whirlybird Coffee and to follow along with their special coffee menus, go to and follow them on Facebook.

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Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

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