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The Best in Town: Readers’ Top-Rated Chippewa Picks

here’s what Volume One readers say are the best restaurants, attractions, events, and more

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The Sheeley House Saloon, Volume One readers' selection as the Best Restaurant in Chippewa Falls. (Photo by Andrea Paulseth)
The Sheeley House Saloon, Volume One readers' selection as the Best Restaurant in Chippewa Falls. (Photo by Andrea Paulseth)

What would a Best of Chippewa Falls guide be without a list of the best stuff the community has to offer? We’ve combed through our annual Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll to find the top-tier locations, experiences, and more from Chippewa Falls (and a bit beyond in some cases). In wasn’t that hard: Folks across the Valley know that some of the most enjoyable things around are found right in Chippewa Falls. Here’s a peek!


1. Sheeley House Saloon

2. Connell’s Supper Club

3. Chippewa Family Restaurant

Sheeley House Saloon (236 W. River St.) has both history and delicious food on its side, moving from second place last year to first place for 2022. Their truffle fries are a must! (Plus, legend has it that the place is haunted: In fact, it ranked No. 1 in the poll as Best Place to Spot a Ghost.) Connell’s Supper Club (18525 50th Ave.) remains a traditional favorite. Oh, and don’t forget to order a storied brandy Old Fashioned. In third place, Chippewa Family Restaurant (1701 Kennedy Road) serves quality home-cooked meals for an affordable price that are sure to please any foodie in the Valley. –Stephanie Nesja

The Chippewa Candy Shop. (Photo by Mariah Hamm)
The Chippewa Candy Shop. (Photo by Mariah Hamm)


1. Chippewa Candy Shop

2. Josef’s Cheesecake

3. The Nostalgic Bean 

So you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, but not sure where to go, or what you want? Check out the Chippewa Candy Shop (322 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls), where you can find a diverse array of sweet treasures. Josef’s Cheesecake (29 W. Spring St., Chippewa Falls) offers unique cheesecake cupcakes – miniature cheesecakes that come in a rotating selection of 450-plus flavors. Check out the baked goods from The Nostalgic Bean (1403 Lynn Ave., Altoona), which pair well with coffee. All of these tasty locations show us that you don't need to just have ice cream if your sweet tooth is calling for something to satisfy it. –Sawyer Hoff


1. Irvine Park Christmas Lights

2. Northern Wisconsin State Fair

3. Farm Technology Days

For more than 35 years, the Irvine Park Christmas Lights in Chippewa Falls have lit up area residents’ lives every holiday season. After having to take 2020 off, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair returned with a bang and had one of its best years yet. Nearly a week of music, rides, and delicious food made for a memorable time. Helping to bolster the agricultural community across the Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, hosted by Huntsinger Farms outside Eau Claire, offered a fun and informative time, teaching country and city folk alike about agriculture. –Parker Reed


1. Connell’s Supper Club

2. Connell’s Club 23

3. Jake’s Supper Club

Volume One readers yet again voted Connell’s not only No. 1 this year, but also No. 2! With two locations, Connell’s Supper Club (18525 50th Ave., Chippewa Falls) and Connell’s Club 12 (E11295 U.S. Highway 12, Fall Creek) offer similar menus with homemade fare. Located on Tainter Lake, Jake’s Supper Club (E5690 County Road D, Menomonie) has remained a longtime favorite. Make sure to grab yourself a brandy Old Fashioned at any of these fine establishments!  –Stephanie Nesja


Irvine Park (125 Bridgewater Ave., Chippewa Falls) took home gold, silver, and bronze in this year’s Best Of poll – and for good reason. With many attractions, trails, playgrounds, picnic spots, a zoo, and much more, it’s no wonder why so many people love it. Irvine Park took third place for Best Location for Wedding Photos, won second for Best Free Entertainment Option, Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests, Best Place to Take Your Pet, Best Place to Take Your Kids, Best Tour/Tourist Attraction, and Most Beautiful Spot. With all of these awards, it’s not surprising that Irvine Park took first place as both Best Public Park and Best All-Ages Hangout.

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. (File photo)


The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. (124 E Elm St, Chippewa Falls) is not only known across the nation for its delicious brews, but it’s also been an historic asset to the City of Chippewa Falls ever since it was established in 1867. The brewery and the adjacent Leinie Lodge took first place for Best Tour/Tourist Attraction in the Chippewa Valley as well as third place for both Best Museum/Historic Site and Best Place to Impress Out-of-Town Guests. Leinie’s nationally popular Summer Shandy was chosen as No. 2 for Best Local Beer, while readers put Leinenkugel’s at No. 2 for Best Brewery as well.


Arguably one of the prettiest lakes in Wisconsin, it is also a great place to enjoy recreational water activities, according to Volume One’s readers. This year Lake Wissota took first place as the Best Body of Water for Recreation. Furthermore, Ray’s Beach on Lake Wissota landed at No. 2 on the Best Beach list.


Feeling spooky? In addition to being chosen as Best Restaurant in Chippewa Falls, the James Sheeley House (236 W River St., Chippewa Falls) won first place for Best Place to Spot a Ghost. While you’re waiting for a spectral visit, grab a Walnut Burger, voted the No. 3 Best Veggie Burger in the Chippewa Valley.


Have you got a ring, a partner, and a desire to find a beautiful place for your special day? Dixon’s Orchard (22404 20th Ave., Cadott) won first place for Best Overall Wedding Venue and Best Place for Wedding Photos. It’s a match made in heaven!


While enjoying the views of Lake Wissota, why not also enjoy a great meal and cocktail? Wissota High Shore Supper Club (17985 Co Hwy X, Chippewa Falls) took second place for Best Waterfront Dining and third place for Best New Restaurant, making it a must-try.

Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

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Best of Chippewa Falls is brought to you by:

Leinie Lodge
Northwestern Bank
Mason Companies, Inc
Go Chippewa Falls