Roll Out the Barrels: City Council OKs beer sales at Micon Chippewa Falls

Tom Giffey, photos by Travis Dewitz

Later this year, movie patrons in Chippewa Falls will be able to enjoy a cold one while they enjoy hot big-screen releases. On April 19, the Chippewa Falls City Council approved a measure allowing beer to be served at Micon Chippewa Falls.

In addition to beer, Hollywood Nights – the new restaurant at Micon Chippewa Falls – will offer a limited menu of appetizer-style dishes.

The addition of beer is part of a plan by owners Mike and Connie Olson to expand drinking and dining options at the theater. Connie Olson said the new restaurant and bar area will be separate from the current concession stand and will be built where an arcade is now. (The arcade will be moved to a different part of the venue.) The small-scale bar and restaurant will be called Hollywood Nights; it will have seating for about 50 people, including 20 at the bar; it will be partially walled off from the rest of the theater lobby; and it will have its own entrance and connection to a private party area.

In addition to beer, Hollywood Nights will offer a limited menu of appetizer-style dishes such as macaroni and cheese, pulled pork sliders, quesadillas, and hot dogs.

All this should sound familiar to patrons of Micon’s Downtown Budget Cinema in Eau Claire, which added food and alcohol (in that case, beer and wine) last year. Connie Olson says the Budget Cinema has experienced no problems with serving alcohol, and she expects no problems in Chippewa Falls. “It’s nothing different than going to a baseball game and sitting next to someone with a beer,” Connie explained. “It’s just another option we’ve added.”

Patrons would be limited to two beers per person and would be required to wear armbands; in addition, infrared cameras will be installed inside the theaters to deter underage drinking and other problems. Connie said remodeling plans are still being finalized, but they hope Hollywood Nights will be open by November – just in time for all those Christmas-season blockbusters.

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