A Local Sampling

Heyde Center showcases five local artists across mediums

Emily Albrent, photos by Luong Huynh

A group of artists have come together to form the February showcase this month at The Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls. Guest curator Ashley Voss said initially the exhibit was going to be interactive, but at the last minute one of the two main artists had to drop out because of family problems. Thinking on her feet, Voss came up with a solution that’s ended up in an extensively local show. “We ended up at the last minute finding a variety of artists, like a hodgepodge kind of thing, so we turned it into a February artist showcase instead of a grounded theme,” Voss said. The artists include Katherine Ayla, Noriko Slowinski, Lily Rawson, Joel Berg, and Jason Stabenow, featuring a variety of mediums. The show runs until Feb. 23.

The Heyde Center’s February Showcase • The Heyde Center For The Arts, 3 S. High St., Chippewa Falls • cvca.net