GOT THE MUNCHIES? Monday Munchies Brings Themed Food to Tomahawk Room

renowned local chef Nathan Berg brings themed menus to Chippewa Falls each Monday

words & photos by Sawyer Hoff |

THEMED EATS. Nathan Berg is bringing a small and surprise menu to the Tomahawk Room every Monday.
THEMED EATS. Chef Nathan Berg is bringing a small weekly surprise menu to the Tomahawk Room on Mondays.

Have you ever thought about famous celebrities’ last meals before they died? Well, Nathan Berg did, and he made a whole menu of them! Berg – a noted local chef who previously led the kitchens at restaurants like The Lakely and Native Bay – now serves delectable, you-had-to-be-there dishes at the Tomahawk Room (306 N Bridge St., Chippewa Falls) every Monday.

Nathan Berg (file photo)
Chef Nathan Berg (file photo)

Each week, Berg creates a menu with a new theme and serves it up at the bar from 6-9pm, a program he has dubbed “Monday Munchies."

On Monday, Feb. 6, the theme was Last Meals, which included stuffed mushrooms and meatballs (Marilyn Monroe’s last meal), French onion soup (Julia Child), a tuna fish sandwich (Jimi Hendrix), sweet & sour chicken (Jim Morrison), and apple pie (James Dean).

The menu is a surprise every week – it’s not posted online anywhere beforehand, either (we checked) – and no reservations are required, you simply need to show up! Ever since starting Monday Munchies about two months ago, foodies from all over the Valley have enjoyed this unique culinary experience – as well as beverages from the Tomahawk Room, of course.

Try the Monday Munchies menu by checking out The Tomahawk Room (306 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls) from 6-9pm every Monday.