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Chippewa Valley Vanguard Awards


Volume One


Northwestern Bank

About The Vanguard Awards

Here in the Chippewa Valley, we can be thankful there’s no shortage of remarkable people fostering growth in our communities through truly amazing work. Individuals from all walks of life, with diverse passions and varied resources, put in significant effort every day to improve this place and the lives of people who live here.

To celebrate the kinds of leaders, thinkers, and doers who inspire others through this work and dedication, Volume One and Northwestern Bank launched the Chippewa Valley Vanguard Awards.

These awards recognize high-level community achievers who have made a significant local impact in any number of disciplines, including the arts, entrepreneurship, social action, government, education, philanthropy, health, business, and more.

Learn how you can nominate candidates for next year’s Chippewa Valley Vanguard Awards


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