Oakleaf Southside Clinic

small-office feel means personalized care: Southside Medical Clinic has served the Valley for nearly 30 years

Jennifer Olson, Family Nurse Practitioner,   Bethany Stevens, Family Nurse Practitioner,   Dr. Michael Smith

In 1996, Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Thomas Peller decided to open a clinic with the vision of offering patients personalized service in a small, intimate setting that allowed for the patient and provider to develop a relationship unlike those available in larger settings.

As a result, Oakleaf Clinics – Southside Medical Clinic was opened and remains true to that vision today. Dr. Smith, board certified in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, practices alongside two Family Nurse Practitioners who care for patients throughout their entire lifespan.

“Our patients are loyal to us because they like the more intimate setting of Southside Medical Clinic. From the support staff to the providers, patients are greeted in a welcoming, caring way,” states Bethany Stevens, FNP. “Being a part of a tight-knit team allows all three of our providers to give the same level of care and personalization because we all share the same vision…to cater to the patient’s individual needs.”

Jennifer Olson, FNP, has practiced in Eau Claire for much of her professional career. “Working in a more intimate setting allows us to take the time to truly get to know our patients and their families on a comprehensive level. This type of practice brings medicine back to where it started rather than feeling institutionalized.”

“This type of practice brings medicine back to where it started rather than feeling institutionalized.”

Offering primary care, acute care services, pediatric, women’s health, and internal medicine are the core of the care provided at Southside Medical Clinic. In addition, the team provides DOT physicals and Dr. Michael Smith is the only provider that provides FAA physicals in the Valley. Offering same day visits, the staff at Southside Medical Clinic strive to offer care whenever you need it, whatever the needs are.

The vision remains the same, small, individualized care while maintaining the highest quality. Once you step foot into the clinic, you will feel it. “Come and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed in the outstanding customer service and care you receive,” Stevens said.

Southside Medical Clinic is open five days a week and has on-call services after hours. Their providers also see patients at Sacred Heart Hospital and Oakleaf Surgical Hospital.