Rejoice Chiropractic

With a nervous-system focused approach, Rejoice is making a real impact in its first year of business.

Led by her passion for women’s and family healthcare alongside her faith, Dr. Alice Kephart and her husband Peter have started their own family, moved to Eau Claire, and opened Rejoice Chiropractic in about a year’s time. That timeline is pretty swift, the duo admits, but Dr. Alice was already familiar with the Eau Claire area thanks to her time at UW-Eau Claire in the kinesiology program.

“I fell in love with the town and the campus, and the kinesiology program is just amazing,” Dr. Alice recalled. After completing graduate school at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021 following her undergraduate degree earned from UWEC in 2017, she and her husband knew they wanted to end up in the Midwest, where they both are from. Having once been acquainted with the Chippewa Valley, the duo came back to plant their roots in E.C.

Though Rejoice is coming up on its one-year anniversary this November, Dr. Alice’s journey in chiropractic care began years before she even attended UWEC. When her mother was pregnant with her last child, she endured damage to the sciatic nerve. Where Western medicine failed, she found relief in chiropractic. After witnessing that, Dr. Alice’s journey in chiropractic care had sparked.

Rejoice Chiropractic’s focus on family care stems back to Dr. Alice’s time in chiropractic school studying human physiology and hormones, during which she was also figuring out her own body’s workings and cycle. Through that personal connection too, she realized her deep desire to be a true advocate for her patients.

“It was during that time I finally felt like I understood my body and cycle, and honestly, it shouldn’t take getting into a doctorate-level program to understand my body and what’s going on. It should be common knowledge for women to know these things about their bodies, but it’s not, and it’s really sad and frustrating,” she explained. “I wanted to learn and have that knowledge to advocate for my patients, and that got me really excited. It easily ties into caring for people during pregnancy.”

Offering her chiropractic knowledge in an approachable, open way, Dr. Alice noted that while it wasn’t her and her husband’s plan to have their first child during the first year of Rejoice’s business, the experience has brought her closer to her patients as well as her family. “It’s one thing to read about pregnancy and birth, talk to people, watch videos, and study, but when you actually experience something you can connect deeper with people I think. It’s been so eye opening and I can connect so much better, on a deeper level with women.”

Having their own little one, John, in the office with them too is part of Rejoice’s comfortable, intentional atmosphere, and has helped foster Rejoice’s family-centered practice. Patients often bring their whole family, and children are able to hangout together in the office’s front seating area. Helping other families reminds Dr. Alice and Peter every day about their overarching goal: positively changing the health trajectory in the Chippewa Valley.

“When I decided I wanted to open my own practice, we found that our big goal is to change the health trajectory here in the Chippewa Valley. Kids are our future, and if we’re going to radically change the health trajectory of a community, we need to get kids on a better health path. That’s how you change our future; That’s how you change a whole community’s health,” she said.

An ambitious goal, the chiropractic couple is ultimately focused on long-term health and wellness with a nervous system-focused approach to care, and it’s those traits that further set Rejoice apart from others.

Rejoice begins each journey with new clients with thorough first and second visits, where initial scans are completed and Dr. Alice identifies what she can see in them in connection with patients’ individual health histories. After taking time to explain her findings and answer any questions patients may have, adjustment appointments can begin.

Dr. Alice is educated through BIRTH Fit, which was also started by a chiropractor who recognized that the pregnancy journey is often the most physically intense thing someone will ever go through, and yet is not something women are trained for or given imperative tools for, like rehabilitation planning and breath work. “Being able to offer that as a chiropractor is amazing, and I love being able to support women with everything else that comes with pregnant, like mental support too.”

Dr. Alice explained how children benefit from chiropractic care too since they’re very responsive to light techniques, as they haven’t had years of life changing their bodies. “There are so many developmental milestones children go through from even the first year, and by taking stress off of the body through our care, it allows their bodies to function the way they are intended to. It’s one of the best ways to hijack your nervous system; taking stress off of it so it can calm down and work properly, expressing life like it’s designed to.”

“A lot of people just want to know, can I help them, which is a very valid question,” she said. “I can confidently say ‘Yes, we can help you,’ for most people because any time we can reduce stress, you are going to function and feel better.”

Start living life to the fullest again alongside your family with Rejoice Chiropractic, today.