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Talking about the royal difference with Dawn Polen

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Royal Credit Union has shown its commitment to the Chippewa Valley for more than 58 years. Even as Royal has more than 270,000 members across Wisconsin and Minnesota, its roots remain firmly planted here in the Chippewa Valley.

Teens often open their first accounts at Royal after landing their first job. People work with Royal to get a car loan when it’s time to buy their first vehicle or when they’re in need of a new one. People also come to Royal to get started with buying their first home or moving up to their dream home.

Royal Credit Union has also grown to offer a broad range of financial services. They offer full-featured online and mobile banking solutions, investment and retirement options, financial education resources, and more. It’s no surprise that Royal has been a trusted go-to for home loans.

Royal Credit Union

2615 Hils Ct., Menomonie (North),
2421 Stout Rd., Menomonie (East)

(715) 833-7240

With locations in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Altoona, Menomonie, and beyond, as well as a robust online presence, Royal is truly available for just about anyone in the Chippewa Valley. Locals can go to any Royal office to get the financial advice they need. A common time when people seek Royal’s financial advice is when they’re buying a home. First-time or seasoned homebuyers alike come to Royal’s team of mortgage experts.

Dawn Polen, a Royal mortgage loan officer in Menomonie, said that a personal touch in everything is what truly sets Royal apart. Having grown up in Menomonie herself, Dawn has both seen and been part of Royal’s growth over the years and through it all, the personal connection has continued. “I really love my job,” Dawn shared. “It’s not in every job that you get to have a role in helping your community members achieve such a huge dream like buying a home. Being that person to talk to and create a connection is amazing, and it’s what a lot of people look for. That’s what Royal is here for.”

Dawn explained that some of the first conversations she has with folks who come to Royal looking to learn more about the mortgage and lending process are about credit and savings. “I encourage people to gain a good understanding of their credit,” she said. “If it’s good, bad, or otherwise, we chat briefly about where they’re at and what their concerns may be with it.”

Dawn also shared that the loan process can seem complicated for borrowers at any point in their lives, since things are always changing in the market and there are nuances with everything. But, as she pointed out, it’s what Royal is there for. “I’ve lived in Menomonie my whole life so I’m very knowledgeable about the town and the surrounding areas,” she explained. “With regard to loans, it’s new to so many people, but I do it every day.”

“I want people to know it’s really okay to ask questions, and I do my best to answer in language that makes sense. I want people to walk out feeling knowledgeable and like a bit of weight is lifted from their shoulders.”

With careful attention to comfort, honesty, and personal connections, Dawn – and the whole Royal crew – get to know the ins and outs of the financial side of real estate and are here to offer their expertise during each step. “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time,” says Dawn, “but that’s why we’re here - to talk about the big and little things right from the get-go.”

Discover the Royal Credit Union difference at any of their local offices or at You can also keep up with Royal on Facebook (@likeRCU) or call 800-341-9911 to get directed and connected to the services you need.