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Dana Wachs & Jessie Weber • Personal Injury
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With four offices and nearly 40 years of experience, GTW is all in to win, every time.

Dana Wachs

Jessie Weber

With four offices located throughout Wisconsin and nearly 40 years of legal experience, Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs is one of the only personal injury law firms in the Eau Claire area willing to take cases to trial. Every case begins with at least two lawyers assigned, ready to help clients navigate a sometimes complex and overwhelming system.

If you choose to work with GTW, you might recognize a familiar face in law partner Dana Wachs, who has been a lifelong Eau Claire resident. Frequently in the downtown area, whether perusing The Local Store or arts scene, Wachs also represented Wisconsin’s 91st Assembly District from 2013-2019 and was recently appointed to the UW System Board of Regents by Gov. Tony Evers.

Newer to GTW but still well-versed in law and the Eau Claire community, Jessie Weber completes this local duo, coming to Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs with nearly 20 years of criminal defense experience.

“We’ve got two lawyers at every trial; two lawyers on every case. That’s a huge advantage with us,” Wachs explained.

In addition to local attorneys on every case, clients have the opportunity to receive assistance beyond the Eau Claire office. Thanks to daily communication with additional GTW locations in Madison, Milwaukee, and Waukesha, there is a team of 10 attorneys available for further insight and strategy.

“People shouldn’t be afraid to call and just talk to a lawyer; it’s always worth the call, If you have questions or think, ‘I really should look into this,’ we’re here.”

While some area law firms don’t take cases to trial, GTW prepares for the courtroom to ensure that clients get justice in their situations — whether by settlement or jury verdict. “From the first minute that a client is here, we’re doing in-depth memos and analytics on each and every case,” Wachs said. “We get ready to try the case from day one.”

“People shouldn’t be afraid to call and just talk to a lawyer; it’s always worth the call,” Weber explained. “If you have questions or think, ‘I really should look into this,’ we’re here.”

Throughout the fight, there will always be someone at GTW to help — even the office labrador, Artie. “Artie comes in every day and can kind of lighten the atmosphere,” Wachs said. “Sometimes we have to talk about very serious things, and it’s great how dogs can be a source of comfort.”

With a team-centered approach, proven results, and roots right here in the Eau Claire community, Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs is all in to win for every single client.

Visit the Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs website to get more details about the firm’s Eau Claire team and what they can do for you.

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