MUSIC WRITERS LOVE CATEGORIES, and Volume One sometimes fall into that trap. Every band has to fit into a genre and if it doesn’t we might label it some new-fangled jumble of words, like post-whatever-core. That genre-searching hits locales too. How many articles have been written about the Seattle sound in the early 90s or the Nashville sound or the Brooklyn sound?

Trust me, plenty.

So our goal was to figure out how you’d write that article for the Chippewa Valley, and the best way we came up with to do it was to ask the scene itself. We conducted nearly 50 interviews with musicians, fans, and producers – you name it – to ask them what they think the sound of the Eau Claire area is.

Adrian Klenz

Adrian Klenz is a vocalist with The Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra, The Kingsnakes, The Procrastinators, and others.

Andrew Patrie

Andrew Patrie is a music writer for Volume One and Burning Abyss Magazine.

Ben Hinz

Ben Hinz is the owner of Dwarfcraft Devices and a member of The Ronald Raygun.

Billy Siegel

Billy Siegel is the owner of Revival Records in Eau Claire.

BJ Hollars

BJ Hollars is a local author and professor at UW-Eau Claire.

Brent Kuechenmeister

Brent Kuechenmeister is a sound technician for the House Of Rock and a guitarist for a number of bands.

Catherine Emmanuelle

Catherine Emmanuelle is a city councilperson for Eau Claire and an Eau Claire music fan.

CJ Krueger

CJ Krueger is a local writer and longtime music fan.

Colin Carey

Colin Carey is a percussionist with The Dust Of Men and Rivers.


Dames is a local folk/bluegrass band.

Dave Power

Dave Power is the drummer for Adelyn Rose, Puncher, Meridene and others and makes solo music as White Dune.

Eric Christenson

Eric Christenson is the managing editor of Volume One and performs as Wisconsin Built.

Evan Middlesworth

Evan Middlesworth is the owner and producer at Pine Hollow Studios and a member of Dames.

Irie Sol

Irie Sol is a local reggae/roots band from Eau Claire.

Jaime Hansen

Jaime Hansen is a producer at April Base and the Wail House and a member of Island Of Dr. Lee.

Jayson Collins

Jayson Collins is a jazz bandleader and saxophone player from Menomonie.

Ken Rogers

Ken Rogers is a member of the Liscio Jazz group.

Marni Kaldjian

Marni Kaldjian is the host of Generation WHYS on WHYS.

Mary Jo Wagner

Mary Jo Wagner is the former host of The West Side on WPR.

Paul Brandt

Paul Brandt is a member of The Frenettes, The Jim Pullman Band, and a number of other groups in Eau Claire.


Reverii is a relatively new indie-rock band in Eau Claire.

Sam Clark

Sam Clark is a music writer for Dimestore Saints and Volume One and is a member of Hounds Before Lions.

Sammy Gibbons

Sammy Gibbons is the cohost of Generation WHYS on WHYS and a senior at Memorial High School.

Scott Morfitt

Scott Morfitt is the host of The Local Show on WHYS and the former host of WUEC's Local Independence.

Sean Carey

Sean Carey is the songwriter and bandleader for S. Carey and percussionist for Bon Iver.

Sean Jones

Sean Jones is a singer/songwriter and the host of The Plus' Tuesday open mic.

Sue Orfield

Sue Orfield is a saxophonist and bandleader for the Sue Orfield Project, Acoustihoo, and other groups.

Terry Wells

Terry Wells is a long time Eau Claire music fan.

Tyler Griggs

Tyler Griggs is the calendar editor for Volume One and a member of Letters From Earth.