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Brian & Linda Dunham • Coldwell Banker

A Balanced Approach

Brian and Linda Dunham are Dream Team for Buyers and Sellers

Brian and Linda Dunham are yin and yang. Linda is outgoing, peppy, and empathetic, while Brian is an analytical, practical problem-solver. It’s what makes Linda a great match for people embarking on the personal, emotional journey of homeownership, and Brian the perfect fit for the more technical process of selling property. What the pair shares most prominently is a sense of humor; they laugh together as they tell stories about their sales shenanigans.

“I love the negotiation aspect of it, because that's when I feel like I'm making a difference for my client.”

When they first met, this duo wasn’t so dynamic. Both Coldwell Banker agents competed for the top sales within the company in order to win the biggest office in the building. When they tied for the spot, their boss decided they would share the space. Neither were pleased. To make things worse, Brian is a prankster. As a joke, he doctored an invoice meant for Linda to look like it was overdue and left it on her desk. Organized as she is – and extremely unlikely to miss a bill – she called the company that sent the original with some heated words. When Brian admitted to the prank, she was so embarrassed she never called them again.

Joking aside, Brian and Linda are serious about their work. They go out to dinner once a month to discuss ways they can offer more to clients. They exchange reading materials and consider real estate classes. Through course after course, Brian has become one of the most certified agents in the region.

“I’ve been in many situations where I’ve said, ‘Look, it’s OK; I’ll make it happen,’ ” he said. With the connections the pair has and their dedication to making the buying and selling processes go smoothly, they can make problems disappear before you know it.

“I’m in love with first time homebuyers,” Linda said. She gets a thrill from watching the magic of a family finding their perfect first home.

“I love the negotiation aspect of it, because that’s when I feel like I’m making a difference for my client,” Brian said.

No matter the situation, though, the Dunhams stay true to who they are. They refuse to compromise their values to get a commission.

“It’s not just a sale, it's …” Brian began. Linda finished his sentence: “It’s a human being.”

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