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Joe Germain • Woods & Water Realty LLC

An Agent and Advocate

Veteran Realtor Joe Germain Makes the Most of Every Moment

Joe Germain had two children, bills to pay, and a full-time job at a factory in Chippewa Falls making cups nearly 30 years ago, when he saw an advertisement that said he could make a living in real estate. The first year was difficult; he plunged into a part-time position as an agent in addition to his factory job, working 80 hours per week for nine months while he got his feet under him. During the Halloween snowstorm if 1991, he was driving home from a workshop in Minneapolis, pulling off the highway when he got a chance to phone his family and tell them he was OK. That journey home – usually a two-hour drive – took seven hours.

When he went full-time as a real estate agent, Joe never looked back.

“When the right house comes along, you're gonna know it.”

In his 28 years of work in the real estate industry, Joe has worked hard, long hours, never wasting a moment. His four children say it’s difficult to imagine him sitting in front of a television for any amount of time, although Joe does admit to catching a morning show every now and then.

An agent with Woods & Water Realty, Joe is the owner of the Germain Group, a cooperative of high-level agents. He assists with the purchase and sale of homes, commercial properties, and recreational/vacant land.

“My goal is to have my clients, whether they’re a buyer or a seller, have a great experience,” Joe said. He might be a dedicated, steadfast worker, but he’s laid back and easygoing with clients. He’s a snappy dresser with a friendly personality, ready to be the agent you need. Whether a client is outgoing and excited or nervous and reserved, Joe can adapt to their style.

“When the right house comes along, you’re gonna know it,” Joe said. And he is there to make sure that all the details work out smoothly. His decades of experience have given him a keen eye for potential obstacles and problems. He can point out a potentially faulty electrical panel, window, or roof just as easily as he can recognize a safe investment, and he makes sure to pass on all the information he has.

An active member of the local real estate community, Joe was the first openly gay president of the REALTORS Association of Northwestern Wisconsin in 2015-16. He is a current member of the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, and a supporter of equal rights for all – especially the LGBTQ community.

When Joe does have free time, he enjoys spending time pontooning on Lake Wissota, running, growing hostas in his garden, and spending time with his dogs – a big yellow lab and a teeny, peppy yorkie – and his spouse of three years, Lee Heike.

“He is a great support to me in my hectic busy real estate career,” Joe said. “He always has my back and knows that my schedule is unpredictable.”

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