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Scott Wolfe • Century 21

Relationship-Based Realty

Scott Wolfe Grows His Business Through Community

Scott Wolfe got his real estate license when he was 24 years old. “I decided to get in early, and I definitely had my share of struggles as an early 20-year-old trying to earn the trust and respect of clients and other agents in the industry,” he said. In his first year, he sold just four houses. But he put his head down and grew his business from scratch; he attended every community event he could, networked, provided exemplary service, and began to build his reputation.

“The first five years, I struggled just trying to find out where I fit in in that world, and I’m glad I stuck with it,” he said. Now 15 years into his real estate career, he has been in the top 10% of agents by sales in Northwestern Wisconsin for almost half his career. Scott doesn’t spend a lot of money putting his face on billboards. “My business was grown through relationships,” he said. He's active in Chamber gatherings, fundraisers, golf outings, and he's a Boy Scouts of America committee member.

Most of the properties Scott works with are single-family homes, but being raised in a hunting, camping, fishing, and water recreation family, he has gained a wealth of knowledge about hunting land and waterfront or vacation properties.

Each autumn pulls Scott to Arcadia for pheasant and deer hunting. His two daughters, Reese and Piper, are too young to hunt, but he hopes that in due time they will join him in the field.

Scott spends as much time as possible at their family cabin on Chain Lake in New Auburn. Fishing off the dock with his daughters on an early Saturday morning is one of his favorite things to do.

“Don’t jump on the first house that you see just because you think someone else is going to buy it. Don’t overspend on something that you don’t love.”

He has been known to answer work calls at the cabin, at Disneyworld, or pretty much any time the family is supposed to be on vacation.

"It always seems to get crazy busy whenever we are about to leave for a trip," he said.

Helping people buy homes in the Chippewa Valley right now presents a few challenges. “In the market like we have right now it can be very stressful, because homes are getting multiple offers,” Scott said. But he encourages people to be patient. “Don’t jump on the first house that you see just because you think someone else is going to buy it. Don’t overspend on something that you don’t love.”

Every year since he started his career, Scott has grown his business, and he’s proud of that fact. “My successes in this business stem from my amazing circle of family and friends, and their trust and confidence to refer my name to others” he said. Over the years of meeting so many great people, Scott's daughters always laugh and tease him when he runs into someone he knows at the grocery store.

"Dad, why do you know so many people and why do you ALWAYS have to stop and talk?" they ask. He hopes this will eventually teach them that people, and those relationships, are the most important thing in life.

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