WorkSpace - Eau Claire Co-working A Creative Co-Working Environment in Downtown Eau Claire

What is WorkSpace?

WorkSpace is a collaborative co-working facility that provides many of the benefits of the modern Internet-cafe, with the professional working environment and community aspects of a more traditional office. The space includes an open area with room for roughly 8 workstations, two meeting rooms, a lounge area for socializing and collaboration, and a kitchen/break area that's shared with the staff of Volume One.


  • Access to desk counter/chair, high speed wi-fi, kitchen/break area, fridge, microwave, coffee/tea, TV, couch/chair, restroom, color printer, fax, storage shelves, exterior bike rack.
  • Access to 2 meeting rooms (free for monthly members) w/ whiteboard, projection screen, table/chairs.
  • Access to additional 1,000 sq ft for events (projector/screen, sound, chairs, tables, stage, etc), $10/hr
  • Your profile on the WorkSpace website, invites to periodic social events, inclusion in private Facebook group, etc.
  • First-come-first-serve parking (3 lot spaces, other plentiful 2-hr street spaces available).
  • Includes all utilities - electric, garbage, water, air conditioning/heating, internet, cable tv, cleaning, etc.
  • Use of 604 Galloway Street as your professional mailing address.
  • Security: For everyone's personal and stuff safety, security cameras, motion detectors, and alarms are used throughout the entire building.

Why Co-Working?


No lease!
Coworking is month-to-month.

Most commercial office spaces require you to sign at least a one year lease and many times even longer. Commitment issues? Flexibility is the name of the game in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.


Working alone sucks:
the need for social interaction.

In your own private office, yes, you can shut the door and concentrate. But the lack of human interaction for some is very difficult. After all, human beings are naturally social creatures. Simply being in a coworking spaces will give you that social element without you even having to try.


Office spaces are expensive!
Coworking grants you low startup costs and low overhead.

Moving into your own private office costs money. Furniture, equipment, monthly utilities, internet access, fridge, microwave —- all of it costs money!


A unique place to meet clients.

Yes, a private office gives you the opportunity to do this too.
Many times, though, coworkers enjoy bringing clients by and sharing what an innovative workspace they work in. Choosing to headquarter your company in a coworking space shows your client you're on the edge of innovation and a part of Eau Claire's small business community.


Make professional contacts.

There's something about coworking spaces that attract specialists in their industries. It's very common for people to hire each other as contractors, establish mutually beneficial partnerships between member companies in related fields, and even to start up companies together.


Make friends.

Being around the same people every day allows you to slowly get to know one another. Friendship is pretty hard to guarantee, but it's pretty easy to make a friend or two when you work in a coworking space. It's common for people to go to lunch together, grab drinks after, etc.


Be more productive.

It seems counterintuitive that being around other people would cause you to be more productive, doesn't it? There's this interesting phenomenon coworking seems to have discovered: social pressure. There's something to be said for being surrounded by others who are working hard, staying focused, and making things happen.

Where is WorkSpace?

WorkSpace is conveniently located on Galloway St. in downtown Eau Claire. Right on the bike trail, and within walking distance of the Public Library, Phoenix Park, Banbury Place, and several restaurants and bars. It is housed in the same building as Volume One.

604 Galloway St
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave stuff there? Like a monitor, keyboard, or such things?

Yes. If you are a monthly workspace member you get a dedicated desk space where you can leave items all the time. The space is secure 24 hours a day and monitored by cameras and a security system. Soon we hope to add lockers as well. Daily or weekly users need to take their stuff home with them.

Can I keep food and stuff in the kitchen?

Absolutely. You’re welcome to keep food and drinks in the shared kitchen. There’s a fridge, freezer, and plenty of cupboard and drawer space. For the best security, label your stuff, but it’s not required.

What if I have to make a phone call?

There are no phones available since we assume most everyone has a cell phone of some sort. You’re welcome to make calls as long as it’s OK with your fellow WorkSpacers. You can also get some privacy by ducking into one of the two conference rooms.

If I am a member, can I bring a co-worker in to work with me throughout the day?

While you’re welcome to have meetings with clients or collaborators in the conference rooms whenever needed, in general WorkSpace is meant for only you and other independent professionals, not your own additional full-time co-workers or employees. With the various memberships and passes, everyone is paying for themselves alone. That being said, you could bring in a co-worker for a day or a whole week (or more) if they are paid for and if space is available.

Where do I park my car?

A few spaces in the Volume One staff lot are reserved for WorkSpace users, first come first serve everyday. If those are full, it’s easy to park on the street right in front of the building or nearby. But also consider biking! The state trail is just 25 feet from the WorkSpace door.

24-hour access, really?

Yup. If you’re a monthly member you get a key code that gives you full access any time of the day or night to the lower level, and the kitchen and bathroom on the main level (which are all on a security system that makes this possible). All the other spaces in the building are also on the system, but equipped with alarms and motion detectors so everyone, everyone’s stuff, and every space is safe and secure.

Where do I enter if I want to come check it out?

For your first visit it’s best to come to the front desk at The Local Store / Volume One so we can show you around. Once you’re a regular user, you can just drop down the exterior stairs on the corner right to WorkSpace.

How do WorkSpace users and Volume One staff interact on a daily basis?

Volume One has about a dozen full-time staffers, and half-a-dozen part-timers and interns around most days. You are very likely to meet and chat with most of these people in addition to other WorkSpacers. The main point of interaction is in the kitchen/break area on and off throughout the day where everyone is grabbing (free) fresh-ground coffee, making lunch, grabbing a snack, or watching some news on TV. However, Volume One and Local Store staff are sometimes in and out of WorkSpace for various reasons, and WorkSpacers are welcome to meander the store, gallery, and lounge on the main level during open hours as well.

Since WorkSpace is a part of the Volume One World Headquarters, which hosts a number of events and activities, what sorts of things are WorkSpace users expected to be ready for or take part in?

WorkSpacers can participate in as much or as little as they want in the way of office culture. There are Volume One staff and contributor events that we love to have WorkSpacers join in on – monthly happenings like Free Beer Fridays and TED Talk Tuesdays, or the occasional pot luck and grill out on the patio. We also have a huge annual holiday party on all three levels of the building where hundreds of Volume One staff, contributors, clients, and friends – as well as WorkSpace users and their friends, can all mingle it up in the holiday spirit.

But there are a lot of public events too – things like book readings, film screenings, and concerts in the gallery on the main level that WorkSpacers are welcome to attend as well. In general a lot happens around here – The Local Store and V1 Gallery are often a part of many community-wide activities and festivals like First Fridays, the Jazz Festival, Book Festival, etc., and we host all kinds of groups and talks for organizations like Leadership Eau Claire, The Young Professionals, and Rotary Clubs, and many more. These groups often want to see WorkSpace and learn more about the concept, so it can be a great networking opportunity for everybody.


Membership Pricing

Monthly Member

24 hour access, w/ key code, dedicated space, all amenities
$50 security deposit, released at the end


Weekly Rate

Access 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat., space as avail


Daily Rate

Access 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat., space as avail


Bulk Evening Rate

Pay for 10 evenings up front, plus $50 security deposit.
Access from 5pm-Midnight w/ key code.


One Day Try-It Pass


Monthly and evening members must fill out an agreement and provide personal contact information, etc.

Room Rental

Meeting Room Rental

fee for non-monthly members -»


$5 / hr

Large Space Rental (upstairs)

fee for non-monthly members -»

Approx 1,000 sqft (Social events are held here, but for private events all members must pay hourly rate)

Some restrictions and rate adjustments may apply.


$20 / hr

Apply for Membership

Contact Us

at the Volume One Office:

(715) 552-0457

Email us: (at) volumeone [d0t] org,)

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