Volume One Podcast – Ep 2: Houdini's Nephew, Covid Igloos, & Treasure Hunting. Guest: Judy Clark.

Plus: Panelists/Comedians Amber Dernbach and Cullen Ryan.

Nick Meyer, by Eric Christenson |

The podcast so nice we did it twice – Episode 2 of the Volume One Podcast is here!

To kick off the episode, Cullen Ryan and Amber Dernbach join us on the panel to get to the bottom of some hot topics in the Chippewa Valley. Can Houdini’s nephew escape from the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department? Is a local $1,000 treasure hunt the government’s next stimulus package? Who are the bad boys of the Blugold Marching Band?

Later we’re joined by the LEGENDARY Judy Clark to talk about her 30 years anchoring WEAU 13 News, and play a bunch of goofy games like “What’s In The Koozie?” What IS in the koozie? Click ‘play’ and find out!