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Hi, Nellie! That's a great idea for a future story – nearby paddling opportunities.

This piece was indeed intended to spark up some discussion about the waterway in our backyard. It is practically literally in some residents' backyards, and flows through a large swath of the cities of Altoona and Eau Claire. Many communities really take advantage of the rivers they are built around. The Altoona boat launch was a step in that direction, but we could be doing more to bring paddling culture into the city itself – starting by having a thoughtful discussion about public perception of the Eau Claire River. The point is that people DON'T have to travel to experience a great canoe trip; they can put in in the heart of Altoona and take out in the heart of Eau Claire. How cool is that?

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Hi, Kris! That's so sweet! Are you from/buying these in the Chippewa Valley? I'd love to hear more. Feel free to email me at lauren@volumeone.org. Thanks for reading!