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Why can't we have adequate housing for the…


Because those are two very different things coming from two very different sources of income?

Also, the Confluence and the surrounding development will boost the tax base in the area, generating more revenue for the city and allowing the city to spend more to help welfare programs (if they choose to spend it that way).

So actually it kinda helps?

Judge Shoots Down Anti-Confluence Lawsuit


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The short answer is, yes.

Haas needs some help, but also needs space which isn't possible without building a new building.

And if you want to talk about attracting talent, I can't imagine any improvements to Haas would be a better recruiting tool than a gorgeous new arts center with student housing next door.

'Music capital' issue writing is overly…


Totally get the criticism, but kind of what 6477 said, I don't think this issue was specifically for the music community, but for outsiders. And not only the visitors in for the festival, but outsiders in our own community.

As prominent and obvious as EC music can seem to people in the scene, there's still hoards of people around the Chippewa Valley who have no idea what's happening downtown or at House Of Rock or at Acoustic Cafe. So I think giving them an introduction is a huge step in the right direction.

Has anyone ever set up a little festival…


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But why wouldn't you want to promote your neighborhood, local business? I'm sure the community appreciates a successful business, the business person appreciates the exposure, and the neighbors appreciate knowing a talented photographer.

Um. Maybe I missed some important…


The suggested plan for the JAMF building also suggests putting leveled parking in where the current Post Office is (which will be moving in the near future), though there are no official plans for that yet.

Is there a way to make college kids ride…


They also really need to enforce no biking on the sidewalks in DT and Water Street. Especially Water Street. There is a bike path running parallel like 75 yards from the street and a bike lane after Fifth. Are you kidding me?

New downtown Eau Claire redesign plans…


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Barstow closed to traffic would be a mess, but I could actually see Eau Claire street being closed to traffic a possibility. It's much less of a thoroughfare and is already on its way with the no-curb design.