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New Man Behind the Menu


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You’re kidding, right? Conflict of interest? It’s a free publication. Call the publication police and see what they’ll do.

Sneak Peek: Look Inside The Oxbow Hotel


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So many negative people out there. How about instead of being negative out of the gate, go check it out for yourselves. I feel like these are the same people that don't like all of the progress of downtown EC. I think it's wonderful and am so proud to call EC my home!



Mr. Kuehn,
It must be so amazing to be you! Your ability to know so much more than the rest if us ("you folks"). What exactly are "University types" and the "Volume One" crowd? Stereotype much?

Who is it exactly that has tunnel vision? Better take a look in the mirror, Mr. Kuehn.

Also, congratulations on being able to see into the future! I'm so glad we have you to tell us exactly what's going to happen within ten years!

One small request, please stop telling everyone that you're a "staunch liberal"' you're giving the rest of us a bad name!

Adelyn Rose


Where are the tracks? The article said there we selected tracks from the new album on the V1 website.