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Worst Road


I love that North Crossing AFTER the construction is on here. That has to be the worst repair job ever and they are doing the same thing to sections of 94.

Best Fried Cheese Curds


Can we all agree that blocks of fried Cheese are not cheese curds and create a new category for that?
Those things are just gross and are not a cheese curd.

Osseo Oasis: Northwoods upgrades…


replied to: Food is such a disappointment. Beer was…

Sad to hear that. In the final years here in Eau Claire their food was consistent. Consistently getting worse, I was hoping with the move they might get things turned around. They were once a favorite place of mine and many of my friends 5 years ago.

Tapping into the Past


How is this not the oldest bar in Wisconsin? Two others that I have heard that might be the oldest are the Monarch Public House in Fountain City Circa 1894. And The Uptowner in Milwaukee, it started in 1884. The Amber Inn has been around since 1881.

Why the River


While paddling the Wisconsin river just down stream from the Dells a few years ago we saw what I presume to be some of the debris of the dam washout. A large section of a deck and a good 8 by 10 foot section of wall with vinyl siding still attached. It was interesting if not a little sad.

Country JAM, Eaux Claires, and Blue Ox…


I live 3 and a half miles away as the crow flies and have been kept awake by the Thursday Country jam performance. I cannot imagine what it is like for the people that are right there on Crescent Ave. It used to be 4 days one weekend. Yeah if I lived there I would plan a vacation during that time if for no other reason to avoid the traffic hassle. But now there are 3 fests, I can empathize with these people you cannot be expected to spend every weekend away from home and I am sure they think that is what this is turning into.

For me personally I would much rather see one of two acts visit at a time in an indoor arena. Music festivals are like cable packages, you pay for 30 bands to see the one or two that you like.

Cannery Plannery: Creating a redevelopment…


Shame there was no mention of the Brewing Projekt and their desire to move to the old Silvermine Site. They along with the Lazy Monk would certainly attract people to the area and spark more development. Who does not like to visit a tap room when out riding on the bike trails.

FOR REAL: Gordy’s Taking Over Mega’s…


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I am fairly certain that neither of our local news channels will attempt to ask the questions about keeping one location open over the other but maybe V1 could?

Leinenkugel's to Open Restaurant ... in…


replied to: Harlan, by keeping its capacity small…

It already has become another SAB / INBev or whatever product and the quality reflects that. Places that charge a premium for Lienies as if it is some sort specialty beer are ripping people off and doing a disservice to the many local craft breweries that are trying to get into the market.
Not to say it is that bad but it it certainly not worth the premium price that a good small batch handcrafted brew deserves.

As to the restaurant who cares that a brewery owned by either by a South African or Belgian (who knows with all the mergers) conglomerate is putting their name on a restaurant far away from where the brewery has been supported for many years. This is just an example of said conglomerate taking advantage of the marketability of one of the many names and small businesses they have bought up over the years. Maybe Chippewa can be home to the Ballast Point Restaurant and Pub.

Northwoods Brewpub in Eau Claire Closing,…


I am sure that has nothing to do with the quality of the food and the service declining over the last couple of years. I do miss the Northwoods of about 5 years ago.
Good luck to them in Osseo.