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Hey – I'm Volume One's online editor. Who'd we miss? Any omissions aren't on purpose – I'd be happy to update the post. (I know there are a bunch of bands who do play in the area sometimes, but aren't exactly local.)

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Hey! I'm Volume One's online editor. FYI - we resolve doubles after voting is done, combining the votes from multiple entries and weeding out any double voters.

The Horror


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When I was a kid in Eau Claire, we always rented from the little spot in Cassidy's grocery store. As I got older, Video Vistas, which was in the strip mall across Menomonie Street from the Roadside Diner (formerly Dairy Queen).

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Hi Chris – we do pay for feature articles, and you don't need to be part of an inner circle. Just call and ask for an editor (or email), and we'll help you out!


Tom Giffey
Eric Christenson

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EJ-Johnson – Looks like Tuesday Night Blues was added by readers twice today (we fixed that). Regardless, Volume One doesn't add the options to be voted on – readers like you do! =)

Fearful Thinking


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Creepy! If I had been you, I'd have leaned some stuff up against the little door because there's no way someone going in and out could replace it correctly. Then you'd know! Just another thing our imaginations make us do, but it can't hurt, right?

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Hi Aster – I'm Volume One's online editor.

Good question. You'll notice this post is labeled as "Partner Content" – both at the top and the bottom of the post. What's that mean? In a nutshell, this isn't an "article" – it's an advertisement. It's paid for by whomever we've partnered with – in this case, The Oxbow Hotel. This is the first time we've run this style of ad and it's kind of an experiment for us, though the model is nothing new if you're used to reading online publications.

With our regular editorial content, we're careful to make "full disclosure" style statements to let readers know about any relationships between Volume One and whatever the topic may be. In this case, yes, the owner of Volume One has a stake in the business paying for the advertisement, but as it's an ad, no disclosure statement was made.

The Oxbow runs regular ads in Volume One, but to clear up any confusion, Volume One itself does not have a stake in The Oxbow Hotel or The Lakely restaurant. They are independent businesses.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can always email me at mike@volumeone.org

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Drs – wrong name in the column! Riverview Park is the park I meant. Thanks!